Do you still need a mouse pad?

Remember the days, and we were all using ball mice, and we can do neat things like taking the mouse ball out and throw it at a classmate when we got bored.

OK, Now, Lets checkout why you still need a mouse pad?

Mousing Experience:

Mouse Pad 1 Compressed

If you’re old enough to have fond memories of ball mice you probably also remember that a mouse pad was a necessity if you wanted a relatively frustration-free mousing experience because they provided a smooth surface with the optimal level of friction

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to prevent your cursor from getting stuck or jumping around unpredictably causing well cursing

Modern Mouse:

These days, by contrast, there’s a funny paradox in the mouse industry manufacturers of modern optical and laser mice are always going on and on about how their latest and greatest Mouse an eight or nine thousand can be used on nearly any surface some of them can even track on transparent glass.

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Which would seem to prevent the need for a mouse pad but then you visit their website and they’re also going to be trying to sell you on their full lineup of you guessed it mouse pads this is because while an excellent optical mouse can track on most solid surfaces

Protect mouse feet From Dirt Particles:

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that it should not only can they still protect the Mouse’s feet from wear and dirt particles that can affect how smooth your mouse movement is.

A mousepad can keep that expensive battle station desk surface from being worn down if the bottom of your Mouse isn’t particularly squishy and most of them aren’t unless they’re organic in which case, Wow taxidermy mouse super weird but you do you


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There are some real performance benefits as well whether you’re gaming or doing actual work that requires precision mouse movements maybe let’s say graphic design or something like that


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Optical sensors while they are less vulnerable to surface imperfections than the ball mice of yesteryear they can still pick up small pits and bumps that have the potential to wreak havoc on your gameplay.

Especially if you’re a serious player meaning that many gamers still favor using a mousepad for predictable performance especially if they have to make rapid movements in games like csgo or Team Fortress


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Of course, if you’re using a soft mousepad, there’s the comfort element. I very much prefer wrestling my wrist on a cloth pad versus a hard desk surface though it’s worth considering that rigid mousepads are starting to incorporate

Mousepads Are Helpful for the Desk Along With Your Mouse:

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Processor pads serve several essential purposes. To begin with, they still maintain your desk out of appearing in the manner of a part of driftwood.

The recurrent moves of this plastic or rubber of one’s Mouse contrary to the face of one’s table will probably wear off the conclusion that most watertight wood, particleboard, leather, and polished wood, whether it genuinely is perhaps not kept.

Mousepads may shield the final of one’s desk, so preventing it from wearing over your customary mousing area. It is substantially more economical to substitute for a mousepad compared to replace your surface.

A high-quality wooden desk often scraped, or perhaps a tempered glass or metallic table, won’t possess those issues.

However, the table is not the only real surface you should believe of. If your Mouse has tracking operate no longer chooses oils and dirt in the skin, your desk will not… also; it’s going to be soon moved into your foot of one’s Mouse because it moves across the outside.

A mouse pat will not completely ease this; however, it will continue to keep those fresh new for more. (Incidentally, in the event your feet onto your Mouse are worn to the purpose which the plastic is yanking, you can ordinarily acquire replacements and adhere.)


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Some cool features like easy-access USB ports that ever-pervasive RGB lighting and even wireless charging which is convenient if you’re using a wireless mouse that you don’t want to have to remember to plug in every time you’re done using it so while you probably don’t need a mouse pad strictly speaking

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You might find that it makes your computing experience smoother and more comfortable and of course, it’s an excuse to buy yet another RGB product to get your room looking that much closer to a skittles brand disco.

How important is a mouse pad?

The three most important benefits of the introduction of the 

  • mousepad were higher speed, more precision, and comfort for the user.
  • A secondary benefit was keeping the desk or table surface from being scratched and worn by continuous hand
  • mouse rubbing motion

According to my Experience:

I’ve tried several types over the past year. I like the speed of the hard pads. Still, they lack that control they were ok with a g502.

I used to use the weight was higher, but I just wasn’t able to stop on a dime as well as I’d like for you know flicking because they hole inertia thing, but I was much better at tracking targets.

Now most hard pads are also small, and they make a lot of noise, so that’s a drawback and the cloth pads seem to lack the speed I was used to, and they all just seemed similar besides a select few options out there and some of them even being silicone now took some time getting used to it, but I decided to switch it up to a much lighter and wireless mouse


Do they matter on my opinion yes as the feel between finding the right Mouse and the pad can help you hit your max potential when it comes to accuracy and of course being comfortable?

The artisan shied in Chi affects extra-soft blends the best of both worlds and is my favourite pad right now it’s a unique feel that takes some getting used to.

But it’s fast, and it still has that slight resistance like a cloth pad it’s beautifully engineered if you’re like me looking for that perfect balance.