PC myths that you should know

Today we’re talking about PC myths that you should know there are new people to the PC genre when it comes to building their first computers buying it getting into this sort of stuff

So this kind of content is always relevant and to be honest, the myths are always kind of changing a little bit too at the times

So we’re going to kick this off in no particular order, but these are things that you often will hear people say, but they don’t really know what it is that they’re saying

Rather than how people be super confused by hearing these things and believe them. I’m gonna try and give you some facts regarding some false myths

The first myth is

Water-cooled PCs run so much cooler, your room won’t get as hot

Myths 1 Compressed

It sort of started off here with me being a water cooling channel talking about something water.
cooling and that is that since water-cooled pcs run so much cooler that means your room won’t get as hot

That’s a big bowl of malarkey because they have a much better and more efficient transfer of heat out of the component into the atmosphere via water and a radiator

What you’ll find is that your room can often get hotter and faster?

Well the room does get faster it gets hotter more quickly, look the amount of heat that’s coming out of the components is the same the amount of heat and TDP generated is the same the difference is

See how efficient it’s making it from that piece to the atmosphere which is the air inside of the space of which was responsible for cooling your components

So don’t think that water cooling your PC is gonna make it run cooler well it will make it won’t make a room run cooler though and as the room temperature goes up believe it not your PC temp comes back up with it so work on ventilating your gaming space as much as your PC

AMD GPUs perform better with AMD CPUs

Myths 2 Compressed

Now a lot of people tend to think that if you take an AMD GPU and you pair it with an AMD CPU that you’re gonna get better performance

That’s not true the fact of the matter is as long as your GPU is not being bottlenecked by a CPU that’s too slow whether it be Intel or AMD. your GPU is gonna perform to the potential which you can perform

When a lot of people are typically confusing is the idea of game development and subroutines where either AMD engineers or Nvidia engineers will dump a bunch of money into the development of a game to leverage their particular technologies whether it be something specific to AMD or something specific to Nvidia.

And then what happens is as those particular GPUs are recognized by the game they run a whole different set of routines than the competitor

So that’s why you’re gonna probably see a more significant variance in performance between the game title than the CPU itself

In fact, you might see a lot more AMD logos on games moving in the future because of next-gen consoles and with the rise of popularity of their rise in CPU

So that myth may end up changing in the future to where games just run better on AMD

Adding more RAM makes your computer faster

Myths 3 Compressed

This next one is one that tends to make my head hurt just a little bit, and that’s the idea that installing more RAM will make your PC faster that myth is entirely false because we all know you have to download more ram for your PC to be faster

Now as long as pcs have been around it’s something you’ve inevitably heard at least once, and that is if your computer is running slow you need more memory

Well that’s a half-truth because depending on what your PC is doing and whether or not it’s RAM limited will determine whether or not adding more RAM will actually make it faster

So as long as you have enough RAM for the task that you’re performing on your PC adding more will do absolutely nothing for your system

Formatting a drive removes all traces of data

Myths 4 Compressed

Now this next one is one that a lot of people tend to forget about when selling their computer and that is well if I just format my hard drive then all my data’s gone, and nobody can look at my stuff

That’s not true in fact the only way to get rid of every bit of data or byte of data whatever you want to call it is to absolutely destroy the hard drive

That is why many government hard drives and very sensitive hard drives that come out of sensitive locations and companies and firms usually will send them off to companies that will ultimately destroy them and then send the drive back to the company

Sometimes it’s fun just to take like a 30 yard 6 gun and only shoot one, and even then they can still sometimes get some data off of it 🙂.