Lightest Gaming Mouse [Updated December]

There exists a new kind of gaming mouse that exists across the industry: the ultralight. Adhering to first releases by experts like Caked and Finalmouse, lots of even more significant makes have made ultra-light mice in their own distinct with fresh layouts, forms, and qualities.

Right after the widespread screening of each and every self-study mouse at FPS video games such as Apex Legends and CSGO, we are dressed to create our tips.

If you are a gamer, then subsequently, utilizing a top gaming mouse might be particularly advantageous. But, losing operation only to drop weight isn’t the perfect strategy. So, the thing you will need is a really light gaming mouse that still plays amazing.

Additionally, it ought to own the first detector; also, it needs to be more comfortable to grasp and use. It also needs to have the ability to stand up to everyday use. Thus in the following piece, we have analyzed the most notable lightest gaming mice which match the standard.

As a result of higher precision, having fun with low sensitivity is typical among expert FPS and MOBA gamers. Together, deep immersion compels one to go to your mouse longer than usual, to aid with this specific, most minimal sense: avid gamers opt to use a gaming mouse.

With this particular page, I will soon be reviewing a number of the most popular high-end gaming mice out there in the market marketplace.

I made the decision to maybe not comprise Finalmouse merchandise within this listing as they’re incredibly hard to obtain in addition to being very pricey. But if your aim is always to have the best mouse on the ground, the ultra-light two weighs only 4.7g, distributing it to the very present winner regarding fat loss reduction. That is sufficient weight for lightest Gaming Mouse.

If you are not set off at the purchase price, you can buy the eldest gaming mice from Amazon. Here are some of the best light-weight mouses.

Here’s Are the 5 Best Lightest Gaming Mouse and their Reviews:

Logitech G203 Prodigy

Cheapest in Lightest Gaming Mouses

Along with such functions, this gaming mouse now also includes a Dpi of all 6000Dpi. This Dpi corrected and might change based upon the needs you have. The Logitech program makes sure you have access to a few different capabilities.

With all the assistance of the applications, you may customize similar items and the RGB light. It. The weight of this model is 85g which is a plus point. Weight is just really an essential feature as you can move the mouse. This mouse here I personally Use because it lies in the Category of Lightest Gaming Mouse.

If you want to know about the Best Gaming Mouses for Mac. Read More…

The size might be a problem for several players who are hands-on. The quality is excellent. Although the mouse has been assembled with vinyl, that is hard, plus it feels powerful enough to stand up to everyday usage. It’s entirely modest.

Nevertheless, you may notice a rattle when shaken. The buttons genuinely feel nostalgic as responses are offered by the wheel notches and have been clicky. The entire quality is striking, considering that its own tag.
Even the Logitech G203 can really just be a gaming mouse.

It might go for an office if it was not for also the trim as well as the RGB Logitech G emblem around the back of the mouse. It is somewhat much like its own predecessor, the Logitech G100S’s layout.

The plan is minimalist and doesn’t need any style that’s not uncommon in mice. Are you currently searching to find the light-weight gaming mice that are finest to serve your hard-core gaming requirements?
You’ve arrived at the correct location.

Logitech G203 would be the optimal Choice for you personally. It is offered at a higher half cost on Amazon. There aren’t a lot of gadgets you may find for a fantastic price.

You need to receive the hands of this gaming mouse. Intelligent, it’s also ideal for different games that are competitive along with FPS. Simply just clicking on it is minimal, along with the gaming operation still being high. The detector is very reactive.

However, dimensions and also the form isn’t that ergonomic, mainly. Since the mouse can move around, the light-weight is a superior feature. It is smaller and also streamlined in proportion. The size might be a problem for many players with substantial hands.

The buttons onto a particular mouse have been designed as such a means to guarantee maximum relaxation, unusually whenever you’re thinking about an intense match. The switches that add to your leisure and pleasure can easily be obtainable.

The grip is also comfortable, as well as incredible. If you believe concerning a rigorous match, the buttons on the mouse are built to ensure comfort. The buttons add to your comfort and relaxation and can easily be attainable.
Moreover, the clasp will be comfy and magnificent.

Are you currently seeking those light-weight loss mice that are the most effective Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming your own conditions? You’ve attained an ideal location.

Even Logitech G203 could be an option for you, especially. Additionally, it is indeed offered at significantly more vital than half a year on Amazon. There are not loads of devices that you might obtain for a ridiculous price. You need to receive the hands of this gaming mouse.

Additionally, the Logitech app makes sure you have access to a handful of different aptitudes. With this software’s support, you may personalize comparable items and the RGB light.


Question: Can I use this on a mac?
Answer: This mouse works with Mac now. As in the latest Logitech Gaming software for Mac OSX supports this mouse in both black and white. Tested white and it showed up on the screen even in white.

Question: How long is the wire for the mouse? And is it USB?
Answer: This is a USB wire and it’s about 2 ft long

Question: Is this mouse compatible with Ps4?
Answer: I haven’t tested it on a PS4, but if regular mice are, then my assumption is it should be compatible.

Question: Can the lighting be one colour?
Answer: Yes. You can configure the colours in the Logitech gaming app to be whatever you want.

Question: Does it light up in different colours by default?
Answer: It automatically changes colours.

Question: Can you make the light white?
Answer: Yes you indeed can, with the software

Question: Can you create mouse macros?
Answer: Yes you can make macros on this, it’s straightforward with the Logitech software

Question: Does this mouse happen to have a soft rubberized grip? Or does it have a smooth matte grip?
Answer: It has a soft matte grip

Question: Does this mouse have zero hardware acceleration?
Answer: Almost Zero. Its sensor is impressive. You will be satisfied.

Question: Why is the white mouse more expensive than the black one?
Answer: My guess would be because it is much more accessible and they sell faster. In the classic tale of “Supply & Demand” There are probably many more black models in stock they would like to sell.

  • Excellent sensorn6000 DPInPrice to quality is excellentnTactile and crisp switchesnLights and software are very functionaln
  • Not good for claw grippersnNot comfortable for people with large handsn

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Longest Life Span in Lightest Mouses

The specialized options that come with the Logitech mouse will be two-sided switches on every side (left and right), 8 programmable buttons with 16000 DPI degrees.

It’s formed of an optical detector and also RGB lights that were total. That Choice will seemingly be attractive to your specifications. In the event, you abhor wires. This feature should be included in lightest Gaming Mouse

While there is almost nothing at all to anguish about, a few players may raise an eyebrow at the latency. Because of Logitech’s light-speed tech, you’re guaranteed there is assuredly absolutely no. You also get pleasure in more reaction speed. It is ideal and accurate for gaming. G Professional Wireless was among those mice to get to the verge.

That would be twofold amazing given that wireless mice are more troublesome than their equivalents. Very minimal fat is discerned throughout the power-efficient hero detector (letting a tiny battery) and a sinewy and somewhat compact figure, which still fits all the most tremendous hand dimensions, uniquely in claw and fingertip grips.
Its profile is sufficient for both left and right-handers and incorporates side switches, which may be set up on each right or the left.

This is amidst many mice who get E-Sports because of performance reduction and low body fat. Treating buttons, so you are acquiring for those who don’t rely on the 8 buttons, 4, which are detachable.

And left clicks are placed, therefore, that they really ought to last. There is light sync in technological innovation, which makes it attainable to light the G logo in just about one of those 16.8 million shades you want.

Last but not least, with a battery indoors, the G Pro Wireless Happens in The G set of Logitech has generated at the gaming marketplace. Its services and products are also regarded as reasonable and operational. The price tag is meriting every penny.

However, G Professional Wireless is just one of the higher-end gaming alternatives for their brand. Though much less light-weight in contrast to different mice within this specific list, it’s light-weight and is most favored by E-Sports experts such as Skadoodle.

Compared to supplementary gaming mice Logitech, this mouse also has a lifetime. After the mouse is charged with all the lighting, it can get the job done with lights to get 63 hrs with 49 hrs. It procured eight buttons. The 4 pins have been removable, which means if it isn’t needed by that you, that you can opt-out.

Both the and left clicks are both made and tangible. It’s likewise suitable for Light sync engineering, which satisfies the G up the emblem of Logitech. This mouse is also an equal choice for players.Logitech’s G collection of gaming services and products has made ostentation within the last couple of decades.

G Professional Wireless is just one of those high-end gaming mice, even having a price tag. It is a gaming mouse that is light-weight; however, does this function? Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse Is One of the most Logitech Specialist Collections.

This show is made up of first-class mice approximately used to their gameplay grades, which are high services and products they promote. The business of Logitech feels of spending at a minimum of a couple of decades thrilled.

Consequently, they’ve been in a position to create up very high switches, exact dpi, and kind configurations mice. Your time and campaign placed in have paid off as there is a variety currently utilizing Logitech’s mice into their championships.

In could be how it is wireless. Logitech’s light speed tech helps ensure there is no latency, and you also receive a higher record speed than 1ms.
It’s got the Hero 16K detector, and this can be 10 times more energy-efficient compared to the preceding era and certainly will move as much as DPI and also wireless sensors.

The Bluetooth of Logitech is only 80 grams in pounds (extremely gentle), helping to make it more striking in case it has to do with its top preferred detector.

For example, for occurrence, adding that if you detect 80 g being much too mild for the use, Alternatives are available. One of those many others would be. The eight switches are accessible with RGB of light.

Using Logitech applications, you can personalize light choices and your keyboard. Besides, for this specific program, along with Logitech merchandise, synchronization also has potential for all mechanical computer keyboards.


Question: Is the battery replaceable?
Answer: The instructions include how to replace the battery, so I would assume that they make replacements.

Question: what size hands?
Answer: I have medium-sized hands, so it fits me quite well.

Question: My hand size is 18cm/9cm, will it suit my hand size or better to buy G305?
Answer: My hand is 20cm/9cm, and I find it’s a tad too small for my hand I think, otherwise it’s an excellent mouse

Question: Does the Logitech g pro wireless work well in Mac OS?
Answer: It should

Question: does it charge via USB-C or micro USB?
Answer: Micro USB

Question: Does this have hyper scroll?
Answer: No.

Question: Will this mouse work with any wireless charger?
Answer: You don’t need a wireless charger. The mouse comes with a USB cord that plugs directly into the mouse. So if you are out of battery, you can use it as a wired mouse while it charges and once it is loaded, you can disconnect the wire and use it as wireless.

Question: Does it work on ps4?
Answer: Yes

Question: Why is this 40 dollars above MSRP?
Answer: Supply and demand

Question: Where is it made?
Answer: Made in China

Question: How many buttons does the mouse have?
Answer: 2 central 2 left 2 right plus mouse wheel click.

  • Market’s most competitive and substantial wireless gaming mousenVersatile ambidextrous designnIt’s ultra-lightweight features make it very enjoyable to usenFantastic sensor performancenSupremely comfortable
  • ExpensivenSome professionals find this gaming mouse too smallnThe cable is rubberized and not braided

Razer Viper Ultimate

Best Lightest Gaming Mouse in Razer

Like Razer services and merchandise, along with many gaming pieces of equipment, it is supplied with customizable Chroma RGB lights that are involved.

Consequently, in the event you’d like to customize the mouse, then only go up to these Razer Synapse 3 applications. That isn’t just a mouse. However, the cable is drag-free and designed.

The switches are additionally furnished with a beam; therefore, switch clicks have been enrolled when compared with conventional buttons. Tweak your heart knowledge material, and it might also do a few macros as a result of your own 8 pins that are programmable head on to Razer Synapse 3.

In the ambidextrous casing is the 16K DPI optical detector that Razer analyzed and that’s been tried at many Razer mice also plays. The switches occupy beams. Therefore, they admittedly are pretty much buttons that enroll button clicks.

This was an overall total of 8 pins at fulfilment, most of which are set to macros for easy responsibilities, via Razer Synapse 3 for whatever.
This mouse can be ambidextrous. Therefore lefties will not feel out.

Claw grippers may obtain assurance using a small alteration in their own character, although it is for hands-on grippers. You can make sure this mouse works perfectly. The monitoring is proper, without latency.

To enjoy up-to-date Razer goods, you are going to discover customizable Chroma RGB lights, which means you may set things up in the direction that you want them. Some presents indeed really are contained. The cable is really just a cord which decreases a lot of fat and doesn’t drag reduction.

The Viper is one of, or even the very gaming mouse dilemmas available in the industry now. The Razer Viper ultralight is a mouse in 69 g. As opposed to rodents that resorted to hitting holes to diminish their own weight, Razer understood that while still. It is primarily operational, and without having openings. I also use this mouse as it is also in the league of lightest gaming mouse.

If you endure a little Trypophobia, however, desire a mouse, that Choice will be the very best option. Even the Razer Viper’s best can really be just a wireless mouse, it also offers its hour battery lifetime plus non-ventilated style, layout, and style with RGB light.

The mouse also employs optical mouse buttons used from the optomechanical keyboards of Razer, speeding clicks upward and thus eliminating the demand to get a delay.

The Emphasis + detector is a fascinating, promising responsiveness as a result of calculating the coverage of the sensor into the polling speed of your computer.

Behind everyone in this techno-babble, there exists a performance gaming mouse with a form and detector that is high – albeit at a price, exceeding the Logitech G Pro.


Question: where is this mouse made?
Answer: Taiwan

Question: How big is the mouse?
Answer: 4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches

Question: Is the razer synapse software mac/os compatible for this mouse?
Answer: NO. This is a typical Razer product, and there is no Mac support for the software that allows settings. If you get a basic mouse, I assume the right click works.

Question: Can you use this mouse on ps4?
Answer: absolutely

Question: What is the stock/default dpi? And does it have onboard memory
Answer: Yes, Razer Viper has onboard memory. The default DPI profiles are 400, 800, 1800, 2400, and 3200. The patterns can be cycled through by pressing the DPI button on the bottom of the mouse. Profiles can be changed using Razer Synapse.

Question: Can this switch colours?
Answer: The logo can change colours and colour modes, like RGB cycle, trigger, static, etc…

Question: How loud is the click?
Answer: My DB meter goes up 5db on click.

Question: Does it work for phones?
Answer: I used an org cable on my note 10 plus, and it worked just fine

Question: Does this work with Mac OS?
Answer: yes its work

Question: Can you use this wired as well?
Answer: You can use it wired, it’s pretty lengthy as well.

  • Lightweight (Amazing weight without the honeycomb design)n Dpi button on the bottom (No accidental Dpi switches)n Nice braided cablen Fits well for small handsn Easy to use software
  • The optical sensor does take some time to get use toonThe mouse scroll wheel is very rough and feels bumpy, but it wears out over time.

Cooler Master MM710

Super flexible cable in Lightest Mouses

For the interior, you will discover that a PixArt 3389 detector works nicely and gives you plenty of sureness and control. Even the Omron buttons under the left and also right resize are rated to get 20-million presses, gives pleasure to you in case you would like to make utilize of it.
Furthermore, there are two buttons on the other side, which might be beneficial. Cooler

The Masters includes a few gaming mice inside their line-up. At the moment it has been light-weight, unquestionably almost nothing comes near this MM710. This might be among many mice out there; however, learn in your mind the promised burden is figure although In 52g.

The cable is also cable extract, and a rope reduces a great deal of fat. Even if the casing is tight, it will not overlook structural sincerity, so it’s reasonably durable. The MM711 can be slightly marginally more substantial and a lot far costlier. It is a pricier variant of the MM710, which provides RGB light and can be offered in numerous coatings and colors.

We discovered that it provided the exact same performance explicitly using 10g, making it to alternatives, while the MM710. The MM711 can actually be just a preferred mouse worth taking into consideration. In case RGB light is crucial.

More refreshing grasp MM710 53G Gaming Mouse using light-weight honeycomb Shell and ultra-light Ultra Weave Cable Weighing just 53 g, the MM710 is readily the most popular gaming mouse through this checklist. Inspired superbly and by Final Mouse, Cooler Learn has used that casing design to successfully reach weight reduction.

The mouse comprises a dust-resistant coating that ought to reduce the risks of the shell that is open construct & a dab. If it should be tiny 28, although you might palm it, it really has a mouse rendering it ideal for fingertips and claw clasp styles.

Whether palms or a casual drop, the coat reveals excellent attention to depth and reassures everybody it was taking into deliberation the MM710. Even the MM710 arrives in glossy or matte finishes in black or all white colorways.

The MM710 is just another sturdy alternative with a peculiar stout style and layout and style and the most rapid freight onto a famous offered mouse – that the Final mouse ultra-light two is slightly milder, however, has been just on sale for a small moment.

The hump in the back of this MM710 tends to make it even a selection of adhesion players fit to supply comfort and control. Even the MM710 does not constitute RGB light of any type, a pick in 2023, which will allow for savings in cost and weight. Measures that are quick but large get this kind of phenomenal choice for avid game enthusiasts.

Together, they have all-size dimensions. Last but most certainly not least, you are going to discover toes, that so are tough and slide properly. This is just a colossal mouse, but bear in mind it’s really a silhouette; hence, left users may be far better off.

The mouse also includes its sensitivity to the fly’s changes when precision and accuracy should come at an earlier price. Featuring Cooler Master cable that was light-weight, the wire won’t interrupt the rate of the MM710.As for the technology, all the bins have been obtained by Cooler Master.

If paired utilizing a mouse, even the cable is also elastic and certainly will definitely feel wireless. Regarding the buttons, then you’ll also locate a DPI button, two lean side switches in the remaining part side of the mouse, and also the 2 tabs got Omron buttons going for both a 20-million click life span. The life span for this mouse is pretty good in this pack of lightest gaming mice.


Question: is the white version matte or gloss?
Answer: This one is the Glossy white model.

Question: Does someone know the scroll wheel size?
Answer: It is a standard size scroll wheel…mine measures about 1 inch

Question: what is the scroll wheel’s coating? Rubber?
Answer: There is a rubber strip running down the middle of the scroll wheel.

Question: What is the default liftoff distance? Low or high?
Answer: Low

Question: Is there a dpi button?
Answer: Yes, the DPI button is located below the scroll wheel.

Question: How do you clean it and maintain it?
Answer: You can use compressed air(recommended), or even utilize q-tips if need be. Use a moist cloth to wipe it down, and you should be good. This mouse is splash resistant to an extent.

Question: Is this freethinking?
Answer: No, for gremlins only

Question: I have pretty small hands. Would you consider this a modest mouse?
Answer: It isn’t a tiny mouse, but it is definitely smaller than most of the mice out there. Weight makes it easier to control, even for the fingertip grip people

  • Extremely lightweight designnSuper flexible cablenGreat value for moneynDirt-resistant coatingnFlawless optical sensorn
  • Shape favours smaller hands and claws grip; may not be for everyonenNot an ambidextrous mousen

BenQ Zowie FK2

Best plug and play Lightest Gaming Mouses

The mouse features an optical sensor but has no type of color or RGB lighting. They consider it because of a quality that exists in every single mouse in the business. A whole good deal of women and men are unique minus the RGB lighting.

The mice we’ve covered thus far, each of needed 3 different measurements (124 mm, 64 mm, and 3-6 mm). As which makes it simple to appropriate by either left-handers and right-handers, It’s made up. Even though the Zowie mouse is mild; however, it performs like mice.

On each side, two side switches that were Measure have been found with this particular specific, that sailing. This announcement justifies its top events. BenQ Zowie FK2 could be your mouse among the FPS people who play with matches like Overwatch and CSGO. If that motive is sufficient, you can review this along with mice.

This mouse also has a quality written of some optical sensor, including the light-weight of all the FK2 reduction. This mouse is an option for level FPS gameplay. This mouse would be your Instance of Minimum nevertheless elegant, which makes it an Ideal Option for gamers who favor uniformity and caliber within the designs that are flashy and characteristic.

Unlike its own competitions that are flashier, the Zowie FK2 has no applications, plug-in, or play with. Only make utilize of the button. In the event, you have to adjust your own DPI setting. This mouse is fantastic for tournaments at which in fact the apparatus you may fetch is constrained, as there isn’t any software demanded.

It is a mouse, so thus lefties could combine in the pleasure—way of a 3310 detector, powering the mouse, together with using 5 heights of DPI. No matter what your passion is, also, this particular bark obtained you covered. The switches present pleasing suggestions and are responsive and tangible. The four DPI configurations don’t stumble.

Moreover, the buttons of DPI (3200) usually are conceivably not hard going to; however, overlook portions are likewise appearing to become an impossibility. This really is believed to have become.

Huang switches are all used, forming some type of a mechanical personal laptop system keyboard. For FPS gamers that are experts, this functions to function as among this monster’s pros. Zowie is among those gaming brands, which are famous for design and performance. It is but one of those mice out there with no fancy lighting or whatnot.

Make no mistake, this mouse is so both more straightforward and minimalistic, however, it won’t allow you to. This mouse is ideal for players that need a mouse but can not be bothered by a present and heaps of programmable buttons.

Zowie is among the brands which involve a number of those most stealthy, nevertheless good acting gaming mice outside there. You won’t ever uncover brassy layouts, RGB lighting, or tens of thousands of switches.

However, if you should be a lover, you are going to enjoy FK2.
And it’s really quite light-weight, and it is a bonus for gaming sessions. The detector within the FK2 can be really just a 3310 detector, along together with picking a 1,600, 800, 400, or 3,200 DPI. You may put this up everywhere you desire, based upon your own playing style as well as requirements.

The buttons( such as both main switches (2 on both sides ) all, possess marked visual feedback that will help expel clicks. Unlike a number of the more flashy mice outside of that, the FK2 will be plug-in and play with, and you will also shift DPI using a button at the very bottom.

There are absolutely no applications demanded, at which you cannot attract your computer, which makes it a favorite selection for LAN tournaments and parties. The deceptive design makes it a fantastic choice for people, as it’s also available at only 85g.

Great Choice, after all, they’re certainly really are a couple of games such as MOBA’s and also RTS which need crap this mouse isn’t just an excellent option for all those games. However, if you’re a supporter of MOBA’s we now have something for you personally on our record.


Question: Which is best for a claw grip?
Answer: I play claw and use FK1. Love it

Question: How loud is this mouse?
Answer: As far as I’m concerned it’s not very loud. But if you’re always near a company, then it could be annoying.

Question: How well does this mouse work without the software?
Answer: There isn’t any software, it’s all built into the mouse.

Question: Is it a fingertip mouse?
Answer: Yes this mouse is excellent for fingertips and claw grip users for palm grip look to zowie’s za or a series

Question: Does this mouse work on glass?
Answer: This mouse isn’t targeted at people who use glass surfaces. I suggest looking at Logitech’s offerings.

Question: I know this is good for csgo, but what about cod wz?
Answer: It’s excellent for fps to play very comfortably

Question: Is this mouse right for Big hands?
Answer: Yes Fk1 is for big hands I have the FK2 since mine are a little smaller

  • Highly tactile mouse buttonsnNo software required, plug and playnLightweight as low as 85 gramsnThe cord is flexible and softnIt is economical in terms of Pricen
  • Heavy clicks might be fatiguing for games other than shootersnSensor is good, not great like other gaming mice coming out todayn